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Orascom Services is committed to the highest standards, reliability, quality, and innovation in all of the firefighting & security systems that are being produced and offered. We provide Complete Solution with regards to System Integration, supply, Installation & maintenance of our products in according to the Manufacturer Standards and code Standards.

Our succeeding security technologies enable automated control to be extended to all building security systems and more. In addition of providing wide range of firefighting suppression systems solutions using wide range of products.

We leverage cutting-edge technology that is developed by the best manufacturers in the world to offer our clients comprehensive and holistic integrated solutions. Orascom Services strives to maximize safety, increase efficiency, and ensure business continuity, all while continuously developing to provide cutting-edge solutions.

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Security systems and Fire suppression systems can be crucial for many sectors and industries. Along with physical property protection, it is critical to protect and secure equipment, employees, customers, and information that are found in construction sites where security and fire protection are considered a significant factor.

Access control systems, along with other security products such as CCTV and alarms offered by Orascom Services restrict access to buildings or any other secured facility to only authorized personnel.

Our Custom-made solutions for Fire Alarm System, PA/VA systems for voice alarm make us leading experts for safety in buildings.

Our Fire suppression systems play an important role in keeping building occupants, assets, and the building safe.

Sectors We Serve


Orascom fire rescue Services offer alarm systems for a variety of commercial applications, ranging from basic fire alarm packages to the most complex integrated solutions enabling easier controlled evacuation , access control, video surveillance and other security systems that will take place during emergencies.

Special attention required for server rooms where preservation of the data is very important which can be protected by highly sensitive aspirating smoke detection systems.

Orascom fire suppression system aim to protect a building's occupants and minimize the damage associated with fire.

Overall, the goal is to provide the widest possible window for a safe evacuation, whilst also reducing potential repair costs and way more for facilities like malls, cinemas, restaurants and other commercial buildings. We make sure to provide the highest quality customizable systems that operate without a hitch in order to fit the growing demand for our security systems by many growing businesses, retail outlets and shopping centers all over Egypt.

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The industrial and manufacturing sectors in Egypt, that are constantly growing, carry a huge economic weight that can always be at risk if not provided with the right security systems such as fire alarms. While each facility carries some level of fire risk, some are much more vulnerable to fires than the others, particularly those that work with flammable substances and industrial heavy equipment such as construction sites, chemicals and electronics factories. Electrical failures are a threat and a fire concern in every facility, as well as heavy machinery malfunctions and flammable stocks are also major threats that might detain factories’ production lines. Our fire alarm systems are composed of a set of devices that work in harmony to detect the first signs of a fire and ensure the safety of all the people involved.

Sectors We Serve


Systevo Call Ackermann system (Nurse Call System) designed as an intelligent communication platform that connects patients with the responsible care staff and contributes to safely and efficiently structuring the steps in daily care. Information and alarms are intelligently forwarded with the correct priority to the right people, which contribute to a reduction of alarm fatigue in the care environment.