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To care for the environment, we must take prudent efforts to conserve it and its resources. We care about offering the most efficient irrigation in Egypt, especially conserving the water of the Nile river. We are also reclaiming a land in the desert as big as 3.4 Million Feddan that's why we make sure to provide the smartest irrigation solutions. Orascom Services has strong relationships with important clients such as the army, NESPO, and other big farmers. We are also targeting the retail farming market now with our ZIMMATIC pivots. At Orascom Services, we ensure that our clients receive the highest-quality goods for the most efficient irrigation. We have an outstanding reputation for customer support, guaranteed service quality, and a personal relationship with each and every supplier and each and every customer.

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Agriculture has always been a central sector that is always contributing in the formation of the Egyptian civilization for so many eras. Because the agricultural sector in Egypt is considered one of the largest, the Egyptian government has urged the creation of new settlements in the desert and promoted collective efforts to restore huge areas of unproductive desert. Because here at Orascom Services we strongly believe in the importance of conserving and expanding agricultural land, we, as the biggest irrigation pivot distributor, are contributing in big agricultural projects by selling the most efficient irrigation and agricultural machinery to assist in reclaiming 3.4 million acres of desert land, which is why we are always certain to deliver the most innovative irrigation solutions. By bringing new ideas, multidisciplinary experience, a detailed grasp of the agricultural sector, and world-class analytics, we contribute to the global improvement of agriculture systems. To assist clients with a variety of needs, we blend cutting-edge investor insights developed by our market expertise with agriculture market information and innovative tools.