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Orascom Construction constructed most of the metro stations and lines and a lot of railway projects in Egypt and the Middle East. Construction is also building the biggest monorail system in the world for the Egyptian government. Orascom Services has been a main partner to the Egyptian railway authority and the metro Company for decades supplying the best railway equipment and complete railway solutions. Orascom Services has been serving the railway sector as it supplied 32 complete train sets for Line 3 of the metro through our partner Hyundai Rotem HR, and supplied the ticketing systems and gates for most of the Metro stations for lines 1 & 2 and Monorail East (New Capital) and West (6 of October) Nile. Orascom Services places a premium on safety and reliability and works relentlessly to supply cutting-edge equipment and goods. Additionally, we supply Buffer Stop from our partner Rawie Co. for Metro Lines and Railways, as well as Welding Electrical Bond to Metro Lines and Railways.

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Railroads are the earliest type of automated transportation and is one of the economy's first major businesses. Railroads were the country's main industry at the beginning of the twentieth century. Orascom Services provides a broad range of products for the transportation and railway sector and future transportation systems. Today, we also provide crucial factors such as security requirements, risk control and durability for specific components. Orascom Services produces and sells ticketing systems, ticketing gates, rising couplings for railways, drivetrain applications, components that are used in building the tracks, signaling systems, and it also supplies complete train sets. Our custom-made components are capable of transmitting any torque and transferring enormous forces with comfort. We accept new challenges from clients in order to improve and develop quality products to satisfy the particular requirements, all while offering unmatched support and maintenance.