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Orascom Services has collaborated with a variety of local and international equipment manufacturers, construction firms, and owners of power generation plants, water generation plants, and more. Additionally, our experience has expanded beyond the provision of maintenance equipment to encompass assistance programs such as air piping, lubricant systems, exhaust drainage systems, and parts departmental layout. We have established a reputable name in the industry of supplying workshop tools as a result of our competent workforce. Additionally, we supply workshop equipment for High Voltage Power Stations, including lathes, milling machines, and hand tools.

Sectors We Serve

Power Generation & Water Treatment

  •  Power Generation plants

Orascom Services has been supplying industrial equipment to power production plants. Having amassed professional knowledge and adding the capability of developing workshop layouts, Orascom Services is now a specialized and experienced firm in the supply and service of equipment and machines for Power Plants. Orascom Services also provides maintenance machinery for new power plant construction projects.

  • Water Treatment plants

Our extensive and significant experience in the construction and design of water treatment plants in a variety of industries and business sizes, as well as in municipalities, enables us to customize a water treatment plant equipment to the specific needs of our clients. Orascom Services serves in a number of countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Arab world. Our workshop tools, such as the Filter Presses we supply, are used in a variety of industries to treat industrial wastewater and discharge contaminated water.