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Producing generation sets is considered one of Orascom Services’ primary activities. Its significance is not only focused on the size of work that it typically completes, but also on the fact that it was the first activity that Orascom Construction practiced when it was founded in 1976. Orascom Services is guaranteeing full commitment to offering first class, high quality generating sets for our clients. Our sets have generated a sustained growing reputation which is predicted to continue far into the twenty-first century.

Sectors We Serve

Industrial Manufacturing

The industrial sector is considered the engine of economic growth in Egypt that is responsible for roughly 17.1 percent of GDP only last year and therefore becoming the largest contributor to the economy in Egypt when compared to other sectors. Therefore, backup electrical supply is very necessary to protect certain complicated processes for companies and sites that serve this huge sector. Generating sets are vital for any firm in order to help when an interruption occurs as it would be highly harmful in terms of safety or cost. Orascom Services provides the highest quality generator sets that are ideal for any industrial manufacturing activity. Orascom Services' generating sets provide a dependable and strong solution for industrial uses in production and backup mode, backed up by an unmatched level of support. Our Generating Sets provide a reliable power source that guarantees the continuity of industrial operations efficiently.

Sectors We Serve

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas is among Egypt's most active sectors of the economy. Petroleum extraction is by far the country's largest single industry. Orascom Construction executed the process of carrying out all the engineering, construction, start-up and commissioning works for previous oil and gas projects as well as power plants, that's why we are familiar with the importance of generating sets for this sector. When the electricity supply goes down, generating sets are needed to keep activities running, especially in the oil and gas industry; they also provide backup power in case of power failure that could have a large financial impact. Temperature, humidity, and dust are all factors that must be taken into account while selecting extraction equipment in the oil and gas sector. Orascom Services Works with key clients in the Oil & Gas Sector to design strong and dependable power systems helping run their facilities at the most reasonable running costs.

Sectors We Serve


To mitigate the possibility of a crisis in a critical environment like hospitals, regulation demands that all such organizations have an independent and portable backup energy source. Numerous clinics and hospitals worldwide are provided with Orascom Services top quality generating sets, which are capable of providing uninterrupted power in the case of a power supply breakdown. Orascom Services makes high-quality components and equipment available to suit the most rising demands of the hospital industry.

Sectors We Serve


Top quality generating sets are provided for a sector as big as Hotels and resorts. Our electric generating sets serve as the primary source of energy supply in conditions such as mountain hotels and resorts with limited access to power systems or with unsteady power networks. The hotel industry requires generating sets with an attractive cost-performance-safety ratio, standard features, attractive design, good quality, long lasting and suitable for any environment. High-quality equipment, industry-standard technology, a variety of customizable features, and strict performance with current standards are just some of the features that Orascom Services generating sets incorporate to meet the growing demands of the hotel business.