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Orascom Services is involved in all aspects of pump and electric drive operations, including sales, assembly, and erection, as well as startup and commissioning. Additionally, we manage turnkey projects, including a thorough follow-up, maintenance, and technical consulting and assistance. We have been the agents for major worldwide reputable companies since 1995 providing Pumps of different types and designs for various applications, Fire Fighting pumps systems & packages, Electric drives and engines such as, motors, gears, control equipment, and Fire Fighting Vehicles.

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The market for electrical drives with speed control is expanding rapidly as a result of the ongoing effort to reduce the amount of electricity used in industrial plants. 

Orascom Services’ provides the highest quality pumps and electronic drives that are ideal for any industrial manufacturing activity. Orascom Services’ electronic drives provide a dependable and strong solution for industrial uses in production and backup mode, backed up by an unmatched level of support. Among the most critical characteristics of our electrical drive systems is their technical efficiency  and energy efficiency.

Sectors We Serve

Oil and Gas

Pumps and compressors are key components of the industry's liquid and gas handling systems. To guarantee that everything operates at peak efficiency to support the oil and gas industry's companies, our team is constantly reviewing their complete drive systems, from the mechanical systems, such as electric motors, gears, drives, and generators, to the automation and control components. At Orascom Services, we provide the best pumps and drives for different types and designs for various applications that go way beyond water pumps as we provide the best oil and gas pumps in the market.