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Orascom Services’ marine department has built a reputation for delivering a diverse range of high-quality marine items, including engines, drive systems, and accessories for all sorts of boats, as well as competitively priced dredging equipment. Our company had built a solid reputation as Egypt's sole authorized agent for a variety of different marine equipment providers from across the world. We are completely committed to providing our customers with the greatest maritime products, comprehensive solutions, and in-depth understanding of our local market. We have multiple service centers positioned nearby our clients to provide immediate solutions to all of our clients' problems, installation, after-sales services, commissioning, and startup of equipment.

Sectors We Serve


Egypt's marine sector is critical to the country's economic development as it plays a huge role in increasing the investment opportunities and economic revenue. Egypt also has 44 other ports that serve critical sectors such as fishing, mining, petroleum, and tourism. Orascom Services has partnerships with worldwide agencies that made a huge name for themselves such as Volvo Penta. Thanks to their marine experience, they are always changing the marine sector over and over, concentrating on efficiency and sustainability and their customers’ demands. Volvo Penta is the world’s leading producer of diesel engines for leisure boats and the top supplier of marine propulsion systems. Volvo Penta manufactures drive systems and engines for propulsion, auxiliary equipment and full marine generator sets – all to suit the wide variety of needs of the marine commercial sector.