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We are very proud of our strong reputation as the top provider of a wide range of earthmoving equipment that are indispensable for the field of construction such as cranes, loaders, excavators, dozers, dump trucks and more. Today, Orascom Services is competing in the ever-changing world of heavy machinery with originality, technology, progression and velocity. Many sectors and industries benefit from our top-quality heavy machinery such as ports services, infrastructure, mining, and construction.

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Egypt's construction sector has the highest growth prospects in the Middle east, with annual growth predicted to average 8.3 percent until 2029. The significant progress that we are witnessing in the New Administrative Capital, the new residential and business projects under construction, and the growing demands for infrastructure from a rising population and economy particularly in the construction sector, are all considered economic variables that add major input to the country’s growth. Our group, which is a top contributor in the construction sector and one of the main executors of the biggest high-end projects in Egypt and the Middle East, understands the critical need for infrastructure projects in Egypt as they are important to the development and social progress of the country. Orascom Services offers top quality earth-moving heavy machinery and equipment that are made to serve the construction sector by offering the best service as we have executed numerous large and complex projects allowing us to create a diverse variety of unique core competencies that help us identify ourselves in both regional and worldwide markets.. From Asphalt pavers that are usually accompanied by dump trucks carrying asphalt, to loaders, dozers, draglines and drills to the most robust and adaptable excavators and the skid steer loaders that will help at any site no matter how big or small. We understand the crucial role that our equipment plays in the construction sites, so we provide quality after sale service with our client goal in mind.

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Infrastructure is a crucial element in every region's economic progress especially Egypt as it is critical to a community's economic development and social advancement. Our Group has played a significant role in the development of Egypt's water infrastructure, the world's longest monorail system, numerous highways across Egypt and the Middle East, and 28 GW of power generation plants. Electricity, roads, water infrastructure, utility services, airlines, railways, and telephones are all critical services that facilitate trade and transportation. At Orascom Services, we offer the best heavy machinery that will assist and finish any type of work in this sector. Orascom Services always strives to provide the best equipment for the infrastructure sector by world leading agencies whom we are the sole agents for such as John Deere, Hitachi and Kalmar. We offer top quality equipment such as the latest generation of wheel tractor-scrapers that have the strength, traction, and speed necessary for efficient production in a wide variety of earthmoving tasks.

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Egypt is about to be the next key mining destination in Africa. Egypt's mining industry is ranked as the fourth in the world, due to the country's significant mineral resources, which include 48 million tons of tantalite, 50 million tons of coal, and an approximate of 6 million ounces of gold found in the Egyptian deserts.  The government is constantly reforming the mining sector's legislative and economic framework in order to raise investment, generate jobs, and broaden the scope for international competition, with the goal of establishing Egypt as a new destination for global mining investment. Orascom Services offers a big number of heavy machinery that are specialized in mining such as Sandvik’s Backhoe loaders that are considered one of the most common heavy equipment machines found at mining sites in many countries for digging, drilling, and carrying materials. We also offer an extensive size range of excavators to add the best input to any mining site.

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Egypt is a maritime nation with an extraordinary geographical location at the crossroads of three continents and this is exactly what makes the port services industry one of Egypt's oldest, largest and most powerful in contributing to the country's economy. With the emergence of numerous new projects aimed at modernizing and developing Egyptian ports, a maximum amount of input is required to contribute to port developments such as restructuring Egyptian ports, enhancing container terminal performance, and facilitating foreign trade between Egypt and other countries. Orascom Services is known to be a leader for providing heavy equipment and machinery, electronic drives, generating sets and security systems for the ports services industry. By being an active participant in everyday operations, Orascom Services strives to improve safety and efficiency while reducing risks at the same time. Kalmar for example is one of the best companies that offer products that are used in ports. The Kalmar Automated Truck Handling System and Kalmar Auto Shuttles provide a comprehensive automated system that moves containers safely and efficiently between the quay and stacks. Designed from the bottom up, Kalmar's Automated Stacking Cranes provide an efficient and dependable crane that can work around the clock.

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