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Hitachi is known to use the most advanced technological capabilities to develop and manufacture a wide range of leading-edge construction machinery, that's why our Partnership with Hitachi has extended over many years as we always strive to provide our clients with the best quality products.. When it comes to heavy machinery, Hitachi’s made a huge name for itself by providing top quality excavators, cranes, wheeled loaders, rigid dump trucks, and more advanced heavy machinery products. 

We are the sole agent for Hitachi in Egypt.


Construction machinery manufacturer Hitachi is known for utilising the most sophisticated technological capabilities, which is why Hitachi is one of our first and best partners since we always strive to provide the highest quality products for you. Our partnership with Hitachi is one that we are very proud of. To serve the mining, earthmoving, construction, quarry, and forestry industries in the Middle East and North Africa, Hitachi offers a comprehensive line of extensive equipment. For heavy machinery, Hitachi has built a reputation for itself by supplying high-quality Mini Excavators, Cranes, Wheel Loaders, Rigid Dump trucks, and other innovative heavy machinery items. Hitachi's Excavators have 23 different models on the market, ranging in weight from 800 kg to 40 tons, so that they can handle any construction project with absolute ease. The hydraulic pump motor on Hitachi's 14 easy-to-operate wheel loader models is outstanding, allowing for maximum mobility on construction sites. Hitachi's dump trucks have decreased maintenance costs, greater availability, improved driving and retarding performance, and has a suspension with Trailing Arm. It also includes an electronic Drive System.


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