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Orascom Services specializes in systems for civil and military aviation. Our capabilities include development of air navigation and ait traffic management studies, planning and design of airspace, air traffic control facilities definition, system specifications development. Additionally, we also cover the work of installation and maintenance of radars, ATC communication systems, ATC weather systems, ground-based radio navigation aids and airfield lighting systems and field services related to core aviation activities.

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Egypt's aviation and air transport industry, which includes airlines and their production lines, is estimated to contribute US $3 billion to the Egyptian GDP. In all, the contributions to the aviation sector and foreign tourists coming by air support are responsible for 2.1 percent of Egypt's GDP. The aviation sector makes a significant contribution to the economy by creating new jobs by airline companies and their production lines, by facilitating trade, tourism, and investment flows generated by users of all airline companies serving the country, and by facilitating the country's interconnection with other countries that enable these flows. All of this needs exceptional products and equipment to assist in enlarging the sector. Orascom Services has a great experience with this industry as it executed many aviation projects with exceptional ground-breaking products in Egypt such as Abu Simbel airport, Sohag airport, Hurghada. Borg El Arab, Sharm El Sheikh, El Arish airports, Melez airport, Sphinx airport, and of course the capital airport.