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With strong cross-industry expertise in civil aviation, defense, public safety, maritime and public transportation markets; Frequentis has created upon its initial main control voice communications focus to create deep knowledge in these five areas of core competence. The company has led innovation throughout its existence with many major initiatives. This will remain as the industry continues to evolve, with a focus on consumer designs that includes the user in all it accomplishes. Frequentis is always prepared to guide its customers through future evolutions of their communications and information systems infrastructure as technology advances and systems become more integrated, leveraging two decades of experience in the maritime market and seventy years of mission-critical control center solutions. For more than two decades, Frequentis' Public Safety domain has provided emergency services with extremely reliable, incredibly simple control center solutions. Extensive expertise developed through a thorough and flexible voice communication and information providing across key sectors lays the groundwork for servicing different segments with solutions suited to their specific requirements. Additionally, Frequentis offers end-to-end system integration and turnkey delivery, allowing customers to focus only on their primary goal. 

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